Introducing…Cats in the House

My usual distractions seem to be MIA (read – my procrastination techniques) so I thought it would be a good time to introduce to you, my roomies and tell you a little bit about them. I did promise to do that a while back. I’m writing a short e-book about our travels halfway across Canada where you will get to know them better. I’m pretty sure it will be a freebie.

The oldest is Cfer. She was actually Uncle Andrew’s cat, but for reasons I won’t get into here, she ended up coming to live with us. She is a Siamese cross. Her markings are mostly tabby, but she has dark blue eyes. When people come to visit, Cfer is always the favourite. She never has met a stranger and loves equally, anyone who is kind to her. p.s.  yesterday, Cfer got out of the house somehow, and the dogs had her cornered under the deck. Mum didn’t realize and assumed it was the feral cat hanging around here. When she went out later, she recognized Cfer’s meow under there. It had been raining so Cfer came in a muddy mess!

Cfer in the sun



Gus is the gal who came to live with Mum when I did. Gus and I are just a week apart in age. Gus is a big boned gal, with lots of grey fur. She has bright, yellow eyes – an oddity in this household. She has a very sweet, high voice and sounds like a very tiny kitten when she vocalizes. Not that she often does, but every now and then she goes on a tear. She loves it when the Pen lazer comes out. It’s really the only exercise she gets!

Gus in the sun



Gretchen – the baby – came to live with us quite a while after the three of us had settled into our cat routine. Did she ever shake things up! She is like a little kid and always will be, I suspect. She is a Siamese cross too, with seal points (for those who don’t know, the points are ears, nose, tail and toes and Seal refers to ‘almost black’.) She is a ‘cross’ because her points aren’t perfect; she has white on her toes. Actually she kind of wears mitts. She is a polydactyl, so she has extra toes on both her front and hind feet. Her front feet look like she is wearing baseball mitts and her hind feet look like snowshoes. Her attitude matches her somewhat goofy appearance. She is in every way, the baby of the family. She prances around with her tail straight up and the tip waving back and forth. Happy personified. When she wants some motherly love, she demands it, either seizing Mum at whatever she is doing and curling up by her neck and nuzzling whatever is in reach or by literally  climbing up her legs like a toddler, with her arms up as if saying ‘pick me up, Mummy!’ Gretch was abandoned way too young, but she is pretty well adjusted after-all. Mum calls her mostly, Kitten or Baby.

Gretchen as a kitten 



Gretchen and Gus were given their names by Mums human kids. Andrew named Gus for reasons we haven’t figured out, and Heather named Gretchen for reasons we won’t mention. Mum named me for Andrew because he and I both have an ‘attitude’. Cfer was given her name because they  couldn’t think of one. She became Cfer – as in C for Cat. She responds to it when she wants to so I guess that worked.

And finally, here is a picture of me as I haven’t figured out to get me on here otherwise…

Handsome Andy




P.S. Watch for the next post. It’s kind of a funny story from the E-book Mum and I are writing…

6 Responses to “Introducing…Cats in the House”

  1. 1 Amy ~ All About Energy May 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Oh hello Andy! Great blog post! (I assume Mum helped with the typing a bit.). You have beautiful furry siblings to share your home with. And even two cross Siamese! I had the privilege of sharing my home with a Siamese for many years. Quite demanding, sharp as a whip and yes very demonstrative in order to get his way! But a heart as big and wide as the ocean! He used to go into the hospice centers (of course I drove, he didn’t like driving!) and he always knew who was the most critically ill and would go hop up on the bed and snuggle with that person. They always loved him (his name was Sampson) and it brought a big smile to their face in the midst of all their anguish to receive Sammy’s love. Siamese are like that.

    I look forward to reading more adventures of you and your furry mates, after of course you’ve eaten your fill of the best *wet* food around! (I know when to drop a hint! 😉 )



  2. 2 CCGAL May 26, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    Love your photos, Andy. Thanks for introducing your family to us. We only have one fur-person living at home right now. His name is Blackberry and he’s our jaguar-doggie midnight black BIG kitty. Tell your Mum I said hi and that I love that she’s in Twitter.

    Ta-ta for now,

    Blackberry’s Mum

  3. 3 andythecat May 26, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    ooh hoo…love to touch base with the Blackberry’s of the world. Mum loves you and your critter…

  4. 4 Kate Loving Shenk July 4, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Dear Ostara–

    We are trying to get a group back together on SL over at KK’s place, say every Thursday–

    Are you interested??


  5. 5 Bob Poole August 18, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Barb – I love meeting your family. I have three cats and two dogs of my own. I’ve written about them before on my blog. Thanks for introducing them.

    By he way, do you know who has my copy of “The Dip” and if they are going to comment on the blog and send it on to someone else? I hope we can keep it going around.

    Bob Poole

  6. 6 andythecat August 21, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Hi Bob! Thanks for your comments. I saw some of your posts about your furry kin, and that’s probably why I went ahead and claimed your copy of ‘The Dip’. We’ve been in touch about that. I hope people will want to visit your blog, but you didn’t put the address here. Let me know if I can post it for you?

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