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Losing a Pet

Mum’s dear friend, my Auntie Barb, recently lost one of her beloved dogs. He was sick and wasn’t getting better and at the end just didn’t have it in him to even wag his tail. Making a decision to end a life that is not worth living anymore is very difficult. So difficult that sometimes it is put off too long.

Mum thinks that there are feelings of guilt that sometimes attend the decision making process, in addition to simply not wanting to let go. Could we have done more? What if a few more days could have produced a turnaround? All in all, you know though, when the time has come.

If your pet is not responding to you or is in great pain and you have done all you can do, and your Veterinarian has run out of options for you, you need to understand something. We animals live in the moment. We don’t have regrets, hopes or dreams. We have only now. We have only this moment, this time. Our lives are filled with moments of contentment or joy. If our moments become only pain-filled or joyless, then that is all we know.

The decision is understandably hard for you, but it is not difficult for us at all. We will not blame you for a decision that ends our pain. All of our joyful, exuberant and carefree moments are what you need to hold in your hearts when you have finally concluded that the time has come.

March 2023

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