Nothing Whatever To Do With Cats!

Today’s post has nothing whatever to do with cats. But it’s such a cute story, we had to share.

Last Friday Mum needed to cut the grass at her house in town. So Stu loaded up the mower in the truck and headed in, with Mum following a little later. When she arrived, at the back of the house, Stu was just arriving with the lawn-mower at the front of the house. And there was a stranger in the yard! Several, actually.

The mowing was put on hold for a while. The stranger is a neighbour and had followed a momma duck and her babies down the alley into Mum’s yard. She seemed content enough to rest there for a while, and didn’t seem to be at all shy. But ducklings, once they are hatched, evidently need to get to water within a few hours or they will die. Mum’s house is in the middle of downtown Neepawa with no water handy. So the three of them; Mum, Stu and the neighbour, very gently herded Momma duck and all her little babies out to the highway just one house South of Mum’s.

Then Stu and the neighbour stopped traffic on the Yellowhead Highway – all four lanes – and herded them across so they could travel unimpeded down First Avenue to Park Lake.

Mum carried on with her mowing, no longer having to worry about scaring the berjipitties out of little baby ducks and Stu carried on with his chores. The neighbour followed the duck family down the avenue to make sure they all got to the lake safely. (Stock Photo’s)

Only kittens are cuter than baby ducks!

Only kittens are cuter than baby ducks!

crossing the highway

Crossing the Highway

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1 Response to “Nothing Whatever To Do With Cats!”

  1. 1 Barb June 4, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    What an adorable story.. Thanks for sharing it. Thank Stu for being so kind as to help momma duck.

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