Laughing at Adversity

Mum and I are having ‘issues’. Camera and computer issues. Mum’s grumpy. So all the big ideas for this blog post went out the door with the dog, for now at least. But then!! Along came….Oh what was that song? Never mind. What came along was a very elegant little e-book. Mum downloaded it earlier, in the midst of several other learning processes and this just seemed like synchronicity to her. So here it is, Mum dissolving into teary eyed laughter over this quote from from the aforementioned e-book.”Hey, if a cat can fall off a chair while licking itself, and act all cool, I can laugh in the face of adversity. Of course life can be easy if you let it, but when the curve balls do fly at ya, laugh yourself a merry laugh and hit one out the the park.”…..Craig Perrine, from Amy and Issac Allen’s ‘Everything I Ever Needed To Know To Succeed, I  Learned From The SIGLO IV’. Click Here!  I wasn’t so amused, but then I have never fallen from a chair while licking myself. I do like learning though, and in that spirit, I’ve allowed Mum this post. But she’d better stop giggling soon.*Tip of the month* If you have leather items that are important, smooth or suede, don’t leave them out where we cats can get them. I’m not sure what the attraction is but it’s like catnip. We love to sniff, roll on and lick all things leather. This includes furniture BTW so think about this before making a purchase you may regret. Scratching is another way in which we approve  of stuff. And de-clawing is not an option.

1 Response to “Laughing at Adversity”

  1. 1 sammy February 5, 2008 at 4:22 am

    I agree with you 100% on the de-clawing is not an option statement.

    My human laughed out loud reading “but then I have never fallen from a chair while licking myself”. This exact situation almost happened to me on the weekend and my humans laughed until they had tears. I was choked, cause , well it was embarrising!. I crawled up into my cave to hide for awhile, that showed them that they shouldn’t laugh at me.

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